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Upgrade Thrust Bearings and Extreme Grease

New setup for the 22.0 Mid Motor Check it out! 1/7/2014

Added 22-4 page and new base setup

New setup for the 22 2.0 Rear Motor posted check it out!

New product! Casper-RC Extreme Grease!  Click here to learn more about this exciting new product!

Exciting News!  Casper-RC now offers Ultimate Thrust Bearings for KYOSHO diffs!  See Upgrade Parts for Sale to order them now!

    Update: Added information to 22 setup pages: Added Tekin stock nat motor and ESC setups.   

Casper-RC is here to bring you the best in upgrade parts for your R/C cars.

New Casper-RC Premium Diff Lube

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Large 10ml Jar of Lube  $8.00 with free shipping anywhere in the US.

A little lighter grease then TLR for easier more consistent diff settings.

Introducing Casper-RC Extreme Grease

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Large 10ml Jar of Grease $8.00 with free shipping anywhere in the US.

Great for Metal to Metal Gears and CV Joints. Quiets down gears and improves life.

Casper-RC is your place to purchase the Ultimate Thrust Bearing that can be used in your TLR 22 or AE ball diffs.  The Casper-RC thrust bearing features grooved washers and caged ceramic ball bearings.  The combination of these two features give you the longest lasting thrust bearing on the market today. 

Bearings are $15 Now $10 each with free shipping anywhere in the US.

I currently only accept Paypal. 

Thrust Bearing for TLR and AE diffs

Thrust Bearing for Kyosho diffs

Questions or comments E-mail: casper_rccars@yahoo.com


This bearing will fit in any AE ball diff commonly used in the B4 series, B44 series, T4 series, SC10, SC10B

This bearing will fit in any TLR 22 ball diff commonly used in the 22, 22T and 22SCT

It can be used with either the TLR or AE diff screw depending on your preference!

I recommend lubricating the bearing with black grease from TLR or AE per typical manual instructions.

If you look closely at these bearings one washer has a larger ID hole.  (This is true of any high quality thrust bearing.) The larger ID hole washer is to be closest to the main gear. (or the smaller ID hole goes against the head of diff screw)

Overall diff life will greatly depend on how you break in and set your diff and slipper, (consult your cars manufacture for proper diff and slipper break in and settings) and the track conditions in which you run.  We have found in most cases these bearings will outlast most other components in the diff and can be reused one or more times as the diff requires maintenance.  This increases the value of these bearings over what is typically used that are often damaged beyond repair after one diff build.


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