Rear Motor Setup

Special thanks to for posting these setups!


Radio: Spektrum DX4R PRo

Receiver: Spektrum 3520 DSM2 Micro receiver

Servo: Spektrum S6040

ESC: Tekin RS Pro

Motor: Tekin Redline Gen2 7.5

Battery: Venom 5000mah 60C Hardcase Lipo


TLR1043 -- Front King Pin, Threaded, TiNitride (2)

TLR1060 -- Caster Block, 0 Degree

TLR1105 -- Front Pivot, 30 Degree, Aluminum

TLR1550 -- Servo Mounts, Aluminum

TLR1557 -- Servo Horn, 25T, Aluminum

TLR2056 -- Hinge Pin, Rear Outer, Threaded

TLR2059 -- Front Camber Block, Aluminum

TLR2060 -- Rear Camber Block, Rear Motor, Aluminum

TLR2938 -- Rear Hex, Standard Width, Aluminum

TLR2941 -- Front Hex, Aluminum

TLR2984 -- Toe Plate, Aluminum, 3 Degree, LRC

TLR4150 -- Battery Tray, Aluminum

TLR5065 -- Bleeder Shock Caps Alum

TLR6019 -- Ballstud/Hub Spacer Set, Aluminum


caster_block_thru_pin.jpg (61315 bytes)

I have been using TLR1043 -- Front King Pin, Threaded through the arm to attach the caster block. This mod is easy to do. Only need to add a 2mm ball stud spacer to each side to take up the extra slack. Great way to further strengthen the front end of the 22T.