Panther makes a full line of great 10th scale and 8th scale off-road tires.  They are also the first company to offer soft and hard compound clay tires.

My favorite tire is the rattler for SC and 2wd buggy.  These tires work great on low dust hard packed track. Choose the correct compound based on the dirt/clay moisture level and outside temperature and these tires work in most racing conditions that I encounter in Southern California for the events I attend. On occasion I will go to a wet outdoor dirt track that requires a tire with a little more pin and the Panther Raptor line is just what I need to keep my cars connected with the track.

Switch 2.0 tires are my go to for the 22T with again the raptor for when dust levels are a little higher.

These are by far not the only tires Panther offers as they have a full line from slicks to tires for deep loam and everything in-between.

Panther also has developed a new line of closed cell foam for SC and buggies. These are great for most high bite conditions.  As traction drops Panther white open cell foam is the ticket so Panther has you covered for rubber and foam for all your racing needs.

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Venom batteries power all my cars.  They offer a FULL line of Lipo batteries to cover any R/C need. From 3800mah 60C "shorty" lipos to 5800mah 70C Std size ROAR legal batteries Venom has it all. Even for the bashers they offer 2S batteries up to 10000mah!

Venom batteries have proven to provide the most consistant power run after run for my power hungry cars. Which ever it is, a big race or a full day of practice, my Venom batteries never fail to provide all the power I require in a reliable package.

I also use the latest in Venom chargers to make sure my batteries are fully charged and ready to go. I use the Venom Medion charger as it not only offers outstanding features of up to 10amps with dual outputs but the included speakers allow me to listen to my own music in my pits  to help pass the time between rounds of racing for those long days at the track for the big events! Venom is always looking for ways to add value to the products you use!

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Sticky Kicks has been around for couple years now and has taken the offroad tire additive market by storm. They are now carried by hobby shops all around the country as people find the benefits of increased traction with minimual tire wear all with a pleasent smell so you don't get a headache at the track!  Sticky kicks has 4 different formulas to tune the amount of traction you need for your car and track conditions. For additional information on how to get you the ultimate traction for your offroad tires  please visit: